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The Teapot

Based on Hans Christen Anderson Folktale



Collaborated with 4 other students to create a marketing pitch for existing IP "Doughboy". We were tasked to explore the IP more to create a personality and style for marketing ad campaign.


Castle of Rosette

Story based on the German fairy-tale Rapunzel. In this version, in the midst of dark blizzard, a homeless boy discovers a living and flourishing castle embedded inside a snow globe. This beautiful castle had the wonders of magic where anything was possible, imagination is no longer a fantasy. The little boy discovers Colette, a girl trapped in the tower of the castle and she had the monumental power to keep the castle alive - as she was the one who imagined this entire fantastical world! This was a short 2-3 week project.



A personal project of mine "Ena" was based around the Little Red Riding Hood but in the rural Desert. She transports items from her town to other residing villages with her Benoni (Ben).​ 

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